So It Begins​.​.​.

by Secret Society

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released September 27, 2014


all rights reserved



Secret Society Bucharest, Romania

Secret Society is a rock band from Bucharest, Romania, formed in the spring of 2010. The current line-up consists of Andrei Manea, Vlad Muresan, Cătălin Ungureanu, Victor "Rammy" Vrabete and Romeo-Alexandru Cividino. The band focuses mostly on writing their own material and its musical style is influenced by 70's and 80's rock bands such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Eagles, AC/DC, Europe. ... more

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Track Name: One More Fix
1. If for a moment you could hear
these voices in my head
Then maybe you would understand
The things that I have felt
If you could see through my eyes
You wouldn't criticize
If only you could feel my pain
You'd free me from your chains

Can you help me?
I'm falling apart again
I need you desperately
Please don't lose your faith in me
I'm bleeding, I'm screaming
Won't you hurry please
One more fix, I swear that's it
Nobody will have to know a thing

2. Just a second in my skin
Would tear you up inside
I would give anything to make you see
Yet all I do is hide
And so I sit here waiting
Calling out your name
If you were this addicted
I think you'd do the same
Track Name: Bodyguard
1. You don't even have to call me
I'll be there to clear your way
Every step you take my baby
In your shadow night and day
I can't trust no one around you
When you look so beautiful
And I promise on my life that
I will never let you go

I'll follow you anywhere
You don't even need to care
Like a knight in shining armor
I'll protect you
From anything bad out there
Should anyone dare to stare
In a blink of an eye he'd be facing the sidewalk
Nobody will bother you again

2. I am here for your protection
Whatever it takes, I’ll do
Like a soldier for his nation
I'm prepared to die for you
It's not safe to be alone
I need to keep you in my sight
And I sleep with one eye open
To save you from the demons in the night

And I know you say it's suffocating
You need more room to breathe
But you have to understand that
this is my destiny
And I'm the only one you need
Track Name: You Can Save Me
1. Is there anyone out there
who can help me understand
what the hell is going on inside my head?
I'm not getting anywhere
feels like my light is always red
There's too much pressure, I can't handle
all this mess, I must confess

I could be going down
If I take one more look around
It all could be to much for me
It all could be to much to see
I'm two feet under ground
I feel the weight is crushing down on me
but though all this I still believe
that baby you can save me

2. Baby can you hold my hand
just for a second cause I can't
take anymore of all this pain that just won't mend
You just look into my eyes
and you make me realise
It doesn't have to be so bad
I don't have to hide
Track Name: Disguise
1. When you came along I could not believe
The perfect woman sitting next to me
You were everything I could ever dream
How was I to know tt was not for real?
Then I saw you that night with him
You said "He's just a friend" and smiled as sweet as you can

Is this just a disguise?
Do you hide behind your kind eyes?
I can see you wearing your mask of lies
It took some time but I realised

2. I said I loved you, then you said it too
What you really meant was "You're the biggest fool"
You led to believe you really cared for me
I got caught up in your web, oh baby set me free
I don't even recognize your face
Are you that same sweet girl or did someone else take your place?

Or was that just a disguise?
Were you hiding behind your kind eyes?
I can see you wearing your mask of lies
It took some time but I realised... you were hiding
All this time, behind a disguise
You can make me melt down, but you're as cold as ice inside
I saw the real you and it made me go blind
What am I supposed to do, should I just run and hide?

I couldn't see it, am I the one to blame?
Come to think of it, do I even know your real name?
Track Name: Half
1. There's just a half of moon up on the sky
And there's less that half a bottle left
But I still got half the night
I keep on thinking about you
It's impossible to sleep
You just left without a word
And you took one half of me

And baby half of my heart is not enough
to keep myself alive
Though I'm struggling to carry on
I won't make it through the night
And half of my soul won't keep me warm
on this cold September night
You got me fighting for my life
And I don't think I'll ever see the morning light

2. If you would feel just half the pain you cause
You wouldn't be so quick to walk away
You'd be begging me to stay
But I can see it now
There was never hope for us
Cause you gave just half of love to me
And half to someone else

My hand and feet are cold as ice
The whiskey's not enough
You know you took me by surprize and, like a knife,
You cut my world in half

3. So tell me now just what am I left with
besides that cold and empty space
on your half of my bed
And they say "Believe nothing you hear
and only half of what you see"
but I think I saw it pretty clear
the way you lied to me
Track Name: Rule The World
1. Won't you listen up closely
to what I've got to say
You've got another thing coming
if you think you can talk to me this way
Cause I'm not the type of guy
that puts up with your bullshit every day
The time is surely coming
when everything is gonna blow up in your face

You can push me around, make me bleed
Throw any little thing that you want at me
But I'm stronger than you know, I'm not gonna lose control
You can turn up the heat, 20.000 degrees
is not enough to make me admit defeat
There ain't no way in hell that you're ever gonna make me crawl
Cause I still got what it takes to rule the world

2. I've been taking the back seat
but soon enough it's all about to change
It's just like a time bomb ticking
And you're the ones who are going to lose this game
Cause you're just a bunch of fools
Try as you might you can't keep us in this cage
It's time to show the world
what we're capable of, yeah they're gonna know our names

I deserve much more than this
Much more than you have to give
and I'm not the only one
who thinks that this has been
going on for much too long
I guess it's time to stop it
cause we ain't giving up
Track Name: I'm Still Alive
1. I'm not afraid anymore
Of all those storm clouds down the road
I'm stronger now than I have ever been before
And I'll do my best each night and day
To find my way out of this masquerade
I'll take any chance that I can get
You know I won't hesitate
My hopes and dreams will be the last to die
I'll do whatever it takes, I'll keep my head up high

Cause I'm still alive
My blood's still burning inside
My fists are tight, I'm ready to fight
The light still shines in my eyes
And this is the story of my life
I will never stop till I get it right
I'm not gonna hold my thoughts inside
At the top of my lungs, I scream "I'm still alive"

2. I wanna live, not just survive
I want to speak what's on my mind
This is my right and I won't let it be denied
No, I'm not deaf and I'm not blind
But I’m sick to death of your shameless lies
And I'm not stepping aside
No, I'll be holding on tight
It's such a wonderful world so I wonder why
Should it be so hard just to be satisfied?
Track Name: My Cold Soul
1. I'm walking on this old ... this old road
It's the only one, one I know
I'm heading to this lake, this ancient lake
Where I heard I could wash my tears away

2. Where are all those cold, cold nights
When you fell asleep on my chest?
Oh how I miss, how I miss your eyes
And that soft skin of your breast

You know, you know you've hurt me
You know you haven't treated me right
You know, you know you've hurt me
But you know you've never shone so bright

3. I need your strong cigar to make me live
I need your soft lips to make me breathe
Remember when your hands were cold and I took care of them within my soul?
You took your black leather jacket and left me standing there...
Track Name: What I Call Love
1. When you tell me that you love me so
Do you really think I'll believe you?
After all you've said and all you've done
I've made up my mind, I'm gonna leave you
I forgave you to many times before
Now you're gonna see me walking through the door

You won't get to treat me like a fool again
I know what you have in mind, but I've got another plan
I'm gonna get you out of my head
This is the end of your bitter act
Don't you think I've put up with just about enough
This ain't what I call love

2. You've been messing with my mind
Playing all those games behind my back
But do you think I'm blind?
How many times can I pretend not to see it?
You went too far, I couldn't take it anymore
Now you're the one with the back against the wall
Track Name: Crazy Tonight
1. You've been waiting for this moment for a while
Cause lately living your life felt just like doing time
Now get ready to take on the night
Forget about your inhibitions cause they're only gonna mess with your mind
And then you hear the sound
It takes over you
You no longer have control over the things that you do
Just let your spirit go wild
Go have a drink or two
Now you got everything you need to turn this night into a fantasy

It's time to turn this place upside down
Get those motors running, get yourself of the ground
Problems go away when you scream and shout
Learn to let it go, that's what I'm talking about
Just keep fooling around
Get as loud as you want
Ain't nobody gonna stop you, you'll be right here till the morning light
Go crazy tonight

2. It's a strange kind of addiction you can't resist
All those things you ever felt never came close to this
You don't even have to worry if you're down on your knees
Because it's just part of the plan to make you feel like you're living a dream
What are you waiting for, the girls are screaming for more
this ain't that kind of a condition that a doctor can cure
You know you're in for a show
so get your ass on the floor
You can deny it if you want to but the rhythm's gonna get you for sure
Track Name: Secret Society
1. I've been looking for a special kind of place
I can't seem to find a familiar face
People I see don't seem to give a damn about me
It just doesn't feel this is where I should be
And all this pain I had to face
Makes me think I'm getting stronger day by day

But when I think I've seen it all
And there's nothing that can hurt me
This crazy world will bring me down
down on my knees, begging for mercy
I don't wanna take this anymore
cause it feels so wrong
and I don't belong here
I need a place to call my own
a place to be free...
some kind of secret society

2. You all make me sick with your dirty politics
I just can't believe that this is really happening
And it make me scream, I scream as loud as I can
No, I won't be taken for a fool again
I want to leave it all behind
And try to find some peace of mind

3. I can't take it anymore
The time has come to get away once and for all
Track Name: Last Song
1. How in the world did it turn out like this?
Who would've thought that would be our last kiss
Now you're leaving
Baby I can't believe it

2. Not long ago things were going our way
But somehow that day seems so far away
I can't see it
I can't remember that feeling

3. I keep making plans but nothing works out
It's out of my hands and I know I'm about
to go crazy
If I don't do something to change this

4. Cause you were the one I knew I could trust
And now that you're gone my life has lost
all its meaning
There's nothing left to believe in

5. I used to be strong, I used to be tough
so what have you done to turn me into this
piece of cloth
I'm having a hard time just breathing

6. All of these thoughts are trapped in my head
I'm not even sure that this is as bad as it's
gonna get
And I'm not ready to face it

7. I can't even find the words to express
From the moment you left I've been such a mess
And I'm not healing
Can't you see that I'm bleeding?

8. The weight of the world is crushing on me
I can't make a sound, but inside it feels
like I'm screaming
Is this the last song I'm singing?

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